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The Cosiest Winter Fashion Checklist For Men & Women

As impossible as it seemed at the beginning of the year, we’ve somehow successfully crawled our way through a better portion of 2021. And now, only the last couple of months remain to be tackled. Not that any strenuous effort is required, this part of the year is always a pleasant journey. The nip in the air has come alive, and sunny golden days are beginning to wane. And sooner rather than later, we’ll all be dealing with frosty cold hands, chattering teeth, and instant goose flesh the minute we decide to step out and brave the cold. 

As gorgeous as this chilly patch of the calendar is, nothing can ruin the magic of winter the way freezing to death can. I’m sorry, excuse the exaggeration, but while you might not exactly get Hypothermia, aren’t winters so much more wonderful when you’re all bundled up in the snuggest of clothes? And if these cosy clothes also happen to be in keeping with the latest winter trends, well, talk about icing on the cake! You know what, consider it done, we’re at your service! 

After thumbing through heaps of jackets and sweaters and coats and shrugs, we managed to roster the best from the lot and compile a lookbook just for you. So, now, let’s break up my babbling, and get into your list of must-haves for winter wardrobe 2021! 

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